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As founder of Stellinides United, I want to create a Greek Female Led Empowerment Sisterhood!  A sisterhood that welcomes all Greek women of all ages and walks of life - a first of its kind for the Greek Females in the Montreal community!

A sisterhood that also embraces women from all ethnicities & backgrounds!


As a member of Stellinides United, you will be gifted with the opportunity to expand and optimize your network.


Your individual voice will be heard!   You will have the opportunity to share your life experiences with the mission to bring you joy and serenity.

Being comfortable in becoming uncomfortable by thinking outside of the box, all while having these wonderful exchanges in a safe space.  A space where you will not be judged, everyone is unique and equally important.


It is your uniqueness that will make our Sisterhood alive and thrive.   We will all learn from one another, we will grow together!  In Montreal, a vibrant community of Greek women will gather, each one embracing her unique background and heritage. As we come together, as proud women, we will establish connections, allowing the richness of our diverse stories to intertwine and flourish.  Women of all ages & ethnicities are welcome!

We all deserve this time for ourselves to become who we truly are! A sisterhood of belonging & empowerment!


Events, themes, & activities will be of tremendous value add, once again in a safe space that will allow you to thrive & expand your network! Topics on Financial Excellence, Health-Mental-Nutritional-Beauty Wellness, Mother/Daughter/Big Sister events, Mentoring circles - including mentors & mentees, Diversity & Inclusion, How to effectively build your brand, a future Hellenic Agora i.e. a Hellenic market place live and virtual (showcasing your business), future Stellinides Retreat and Future Stellinides & Stellines (female and male Hellenes collaboration) just to name a few- the sky’s the limit!  


Every voice matters! Therefore, additional topics and ideas will be added accordingly!


Greek women are strong, resilient, tenacious & proud - hence it would be an honour for you to join our sisterhood 🌹

Let's grow our Greek Sisterhood Together!

Stellinides United = Together we rise, United we shine!

Together Let’s Discover the Power of Joining a Greek Led Female Empowerment Sisterhood!



Stellinides United will allow you as a Greek woman to meet other Greek women with diverse backgrounds.  

You will learn and grow with one another

Expand your network, promote yourself & your brand

Together we will flourish

A sense of belonging & lifting one another to new heights


Thanks for submitting!

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