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Mother, Bank Executive, and Founder of Stellinides United


A proud mother of 2 boys, a wife, and a mom to my puppy Chloé!

I am a banking executive, with over 30 years of experience, where my passion is to inspire the will to win & reach new heights!  

Leading by example & embracing a diversity of ideas is key! I’m extremely passionate about the employee experience, business development, optimizing partner relations & brand presence!

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I’m a mentor & coach both on a professional & personal front!

More specifically, how to effectively network, build & strengthen your personal brand, knowing how to strategically achieve success in the corporate environment, how to reach new levels in all roles & helping to develop leadership skills -  laterally and upwards.


As a forward thinker, I know how we can all achieve bigger and greater things on a larger level - both in business & in life!  All while optimizing a work life balance!


I take tremendous pride in community involvement - supporting an array of causes throughout the years.  Most recently, in our very own Hellenic community of Montreal.


Hence, my passion behind being the founder of @stellinides_united!

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I’m extremely passionate about female empowerment and a huge advocate of women encouraging & supporting one another - breaking the glass ceiling once and for all!


Stellinides United is a reflection of my passion behind creating a Greek Female Empowerment Sisterhood, where we can inspire, grow & learn from one another in a safe environment!


Stellinides United = Together we rise, United we shine!

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